Thursday, May 04, 2006

Skatepark 05

Ladera Skatepark, my family's new favorite place. It's just a matter of time for the broken bones! Nathan, Brandon, Stuart, and Damon

Sledding in Big Bear

Nathan cool in his shades!
Stuart eating it!
Brandon having a blast!
Damon catching some serious air!
Sledding in Big Bear! What a blast!!!

Snow Summit

Big Bear in February. Everyone snowboarded. Stuart was our very experienced instructor. Even Keri learned. The boys all did a really great job. Thanks mom and dad for the cabin!!! From left to right. Damon, Nathan, Brandon, Keri, and Stuart.

Beck Family

The Beck Family picture 2005. Brandon 10, Nathan 8, Keri and Stuart, Damon 10. Take a moment and view our blog. We will have family pictures and events from the past years. Thanks for looking and enjoy.