Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roadshow 2010 "That's Original"

A Roundabout Way to Love
Damon and Brandon opened the show with a little trumpet playing.
Brandon and Damon singing and dancing.
Nathan and the others on guard.
The End!

Back to Work

I always knew I wanted to go back to nursing but wasn't quite ready for it yet. This economy has forced me to go back early. It took me a good 3-4 months of daily searching for a job. I always thought I could easily find a job with such talk about a "nursing shortage" but not now. These days new grads are lucky to find an internship. People like me, stay at home moms, have come back to nursing and have snatched up any available job. I sure am lucky to have found one in a hospital. I am working for Mission Hospital Laguna Beach on the medical surgical telemetry floor. I love getting my hands back on needles, IV's, and port-a-caths, but I don't love the 12 hour shifts. Boy what a view though. We are right on Pacific Coast Highway overlooking the beach.

Goodbye High School Soccer, Hello Volleyball and Track!

Brandon playing goalie for Mission Viejo High School frosh/soph.
Damon playing midfield/forward for San Juan Hills High School frosh/soph.
Now the boys are on to other sports as they finish out their Freshman year. Brandon is on the track team doing the pole vault and Damon is on the frosh soph volleyball team. Nathan started flag football. More pictures to come.