Monday, July 18, 2011

EFY July 4th-July9th 2011

Brandon, Damon, and their good friend Dillon went to EFY this summer in Santa Barbara. I'm so glad they got to go, they came home on such a spiritual high. There attitude and demeanor had changed for the better. They also met some girls :)

Not so fond of the sparklers but by the end of the night she was doing them on her own.

Pinata and candy!
Brielle, Lily, and Gwen waiting for their turn at the pinata
Uncle Ryan teaching Gwen to catch and throw.

Oh yes, it isn't the Jarman 4th of July without popcorn balls and homemade ice cream a game of softball.

Gwen's first swim lessons

This is Miss Jill. She is great with the first timer Gwen. Gwen is 3 and 1/2 years old and she hates water on her face, however she is doing very well. Willing to go under water. Loves her swim lessons, looks forward to them and does everything Miss Jill asks her to do. Gwen is on her way to being a good swimmer.

Sarah and Jessie

Some photos I shot of Sarah and Jesse who are about to welcome their first baby into the world. I'm so excited to be an Aunt on the Beck side.

Cabin get a way

On June 24th 2011 Stuart and I took Gwen to get away for a short weekend to the cabin. We love going there. We hung out, played games, went to Big Bear lake, the zoo.

Fathers Day 2011

Gwen went to Albertsons and decorated a cake for daddy and for Grandpa Jarman. What a great activity for her, she loved it but couldn't keep her fingers from "accidentally" getting in the frosting...lick lick!

My sisters and I took my dad out to seafood at Kings Fish house. My mom hates seafood and my dad loves it, so he never gets it at home.

Nathan 8th grade dance

Here are Nathan and his buddies from LRMS 8th grade dance.