Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brandon and Damon 16!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say is these 16 year old boys sure are lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Jarman!!!


Brandon turned 16 on the Wednesday before this, his first date.

Damon volleyball

SJHHS varsity volleyball

Brandon in track.

MVHS track meet. Brandon is on JV pole vault team.

After the rain...

After a rain storm in March

Gwen Dland Feb 26th with daddy

Gwen's first roller coaster. She can't get enough of it. She went on it multiple times.
I'm surprised she stood this close to the bears. Only with daddy!
The Bug's life show can be very scary and she definitely was, but right after she said,...AGAIN!
Princess show, she got the dancing going with all the kids by showing them how to twirl:)

Nathan band at Ca Adventure

Goofy's garden in Toon Town.

Mini's house in Toon Town!
One of Gwen's favorite rides in Ca Adventure, Monster's Inc.

Nathan's Advanced Band from RSM Intermediate plays at Ca Adventure.

Nathan roller hockey at 949

Nathan is back to playing roller hockey at 949 in Irvine. This really is his sport, he is very good at it, and he loves it.


Gwen and her neighbor girlfriends signed up for a month of My Gym. This is Gwen's favorite place. Each time they do some sort of skill like climbing a ladder or balancing on a plank. They run obstacle courses, have many different swings hanging from the ceiling. Circle time, where they sing, dance, and tell stories. She loves this place, and I had a blast watching her have fun.

Gwen's First Haircut

On January 7th 2011, Gwen had her first haircut by our good friend Tina. She is absolutely wonderful and comes to your house. She cut Stu's hair and mine too. We love Tina!
Yes, her first haircut at past 3 years old, but I dreaded cutting off the cute little curls she was born with. Now her hair is completely straight. Goodbye curls!
Gwen was so still, she did great, and loved having her haircut.

Thanks Tina!