Friday, August 12, 2011


Gwen is not afraid of roller coasters or "silly ghosts" (haunted mansion ride). This is her first ride on Big Thunder Mountain. She loved it!

Duct Tape Dance

Nathan is gung ho about being 14 and allowed to go to the stake dances. Check out the duct tape tie, glasses, and watch. He also made bracelets to give out at the dance in RSM tomorrow night.

Happy 14th Birthday Nathan!

Pei Wei
New Nixon watch

Sidewalk chalk

Brandon and Damon have some sidewalk chalk admirer's.

pioneer trek

OC Fair

I'm glad she isn't afraid to look at these creep crawlers like I am. Just looking at them gives me the he be gee bees.
The very cold ice house.
Gwen won two stuffed animals on one try. A puppy and a salamander

Gwen and I walked around the OC Fair before I attended the Neon Trees concert.

gwen swim lessons

Gwen's last day of her first swim lessons

She is almost swimming on her own already!


High Adventure in Havasupai


Gwen got into Daddy's side of the closet this time.

Some pics from our family getogether!

Get ready for a lot of pics...long post.
Gwen and Lily
Nathan, Damon, Gwen, and Brandon
Cameron and Julie
Silly face girls
Gonzalez Family
Em and Ali
Gwen and Daddy on the Yerf Dawg
Nathan and Damon
My Dad
Baby Callie
Beck Family
Ali, Lily, and Emma
Emma and Ali

Dland with my sis!

Julie and Cam came down for a visit in July 2011 and the girls went to Dland while the boys went to Legoland. I wish we lived closer to each other, the cousins have so much fun together!

Monday, July 18, 2011

EFY July 4th-July9th 2011

Brandon, Damon, and their good friend Dillon went to EFY this summer in Santa Barbara. I'm so glad they got to go, they came home on such a spiritual high. There attitude and demeanor had changed for the better. They also met some girls :)