Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with musical guest Neon Trees!

Stuart and I had the very fun opportunity to go and see Neon Trees at the taping of The Jay Leno Show on June 10th 2011. The guests were Bill Cosby, Bruce and Kris Jenner, and Neon Trees. I love how they introduce the band as a Billboard Music Award winner for Best Alternative Song. We got to go backstage and chat with Chris before and after the show in the Green Room. Thank you Aunt Sylvia, Uncle Brian, and Chris for the invite. Nice to meet you Danielle.

The traffic on the way home through LA was horrible so we got off the 110 at the Galen Center and ate at The Lab Gastropub. The chicken sandwich on the pretzel bun and the caprese salad were amazing. Great way to waste time waiting for traffic to subside.

We also borrowed my dad's Mercedes to drive up to Burbank. It was kind of fun to pull up to park in the NBC studio lot in that car.

Sky High!

The boys playing dodge ball. Other than the foam pit this was the favorite activity.