Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brandon in Peru!!!!

Brandon was invited by his Uncle and Aunt to go to Peru with them. Aunt Sarah had been down in Ecuador and Peru all summer writing her Master's Thesis and Uncle Jess and Brandon met her down in Peru for the last of the trip. This is Brandon and Jessie via Skype. We have been able to video call and text pretty often. We have been amazed with technology lately. I think they are touring Machu Picchu today. This is one lucky 15 year old. What a great experience to go to a foreign country. Thanks Jess and Sarah!

Damon is going to kill me!

I'm sorry Damon, but I just had to post these of you coming out of your oral surgery. He had his Wisdom teeth pulled. They gave him a pill to relax before the procedure and then IV sedation and to top it all off they gassed him. He didn't like the feeling the gas mask gave him. He said instantly he felt his body go numb and it felt like someone one was hitting his head over and over with a hammer. Ouch! Recovery was okay but not great. But he did well enough to go to Magic Mountain for a friends b-day 3 days later.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Gwen and her cousin Elizabeth were having so much fun together at the annual Jarman Family 4th of July picnic.
My Mom and Dad always bring a couple pinata's for all the kids.
Gwen's loot!
Look at the concentration on her face.
The Girls!
This year the 4th was on a Sunday. I had to work at the hospital that day but when I got home, Stuart, Damon, Gwen and I went over to Founders Park and set up our chairs to watch the fireworks. Gwen would cover her ears and put her hands over her face occasionally. She liked them one minute then was afraid the next. Then on Monday we went to our family picnic. Family, fun, baseball, good food, and of course homemade ice cream.