Thursday, February 24, 2011

This summer the boys, Stuart, and Grandpa built a front porch up at the cabin.
Gwen running through the water at the Irvine Spectrum. July
Uncle Jess and Gwen on the bike. July

Monday, February 21, 2011

Random pics from 2010

In our front yard. July
Ladera Water Park in June

Gwen wrote all over her arms with a ball point pen. March
Grandpa Beck gave Gwen this cute dress. March
Grandpa Jarman and Damon at a volleyball game. March
Gwen playing with bubbles in our front yard February.
Walking in San Juan. January 2010

The Cabin with our dear friends in January.

Gwen bday 3 years old

We celebrated Gwen's 3rd b-day in October with the Jarman family even though her bday is Dec. 19th. I thought it might break up her bday and xmas a little bit.
This was taken on her actual bday. She brought mini cupcakes for the nursery snack that day.

Christmas with the Becks

We do an elephant gift exchange and it is so much fun to see what people pick and fight over.
The whole family participated in a ping pong competition.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

The boys presents this year. Damon got a Letterman's jacket. Nathan a ping pong table, and Brandon a custom made surfboard shaped by his very own uncle Seth, which Brandon helped with.

Boy Scout Christmas Tree Lot

Gwen loves running through the tree lot.
This tree lot is popular with the boys as a way to make some money. They get some great tips sometimes. They worked the tree lot every chance they got. I think they are ready for jobs this summer.

Christmas 2010

Nathan and Gwen exchange gifts
Damon and Gwen exchange gifts
Brandon and Gwen exchange gifts
Jarman family Christmas,...I didn't know a "Hide a hose" would make my dad so happy!
My sisters
Gwen got a Bugsby from Grandma
Ali exchanging gifts with Gwen

Jarman Family

We were able this Christmas to get a family photo. My sister Julie and her family came down from Utah for the Holidays so we took this family shot in my parents backyard in the house I grew up in.