Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iphone photos from 2011

World of Color at Disney California Adventure
 Ice Cream!!!
 Brandon 16 bday family dinner at Buca
 General Conference at G n G's house
 Dad and Gwen
 Happy Birthday Callie
 Laguna Hills Mall Disney Event
 Do you really want to take that branch home?
 Pool time
 McDonalds with Taylor and Madelyn
 More ice cream!
 Chick Fil A with Madelyn before the Santa Ana Zoo
 Bday Party
 Watching Dland Fireworks
 Jay Leno show in LA with Chris...Neon Trees
 Julie's visit to Ca
 Discovery Science Center
 Damon making money at grandpa's house
 McDonald's with the cousins

 Pump it Up
 Grandma is a good sport for letting Gwen dress her up in 80's jewelry
 My first attempt at a french braid,...I never could do it.

 Wild Rivers
 Neon Trees at the OC Fair

 In my local Mall

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