Friday, July 20, 2012

iphone photos from 2011

 Swimming with the Warthers
 FHE at Doheny
 Gwen's first real boo boo's
 Damon fishing with the Cronin's
 Our RV trip up the coast started with the LA Temple
 Santa Cruz Pier
 Stuart's first day of school. Ceramics at Saddleback

 Happy 35th bday Keri...Frappy's!!! My favorite Chocolate and Vanilla custard.

 Disneyland with the Warthers
 1st time on Matterhorn
 Waiting for the parade
 1st time on Splash Mountain
 1st day of school
 Walking to school
 Pregnant. Found the day Stuart left for Mexico with his friends
 Angel's game while daddy in Mex

 Damon getting stitched up by Dr. Doezie after jumping off a cliff and splitting his toes open.
 Gwen's first dentist appointment
 Now she wants to be a dentist when she grows up. Dr. Konkle at Saddleback Dentistry is the best
 Tea party in mommy's bathroom
 The announcement to the family. Gwen drew this picture and gave it to grandpa for his bday
 Halloween with our neighbors. Then we went to the Walter's house for trick or treat
 1st time on Tower of Terror
 Santa Clause at Disney Ca Adventure
 1st time on Space Mountain
 Damon's physics project Spaghetti Bridge
 Damon on the San Juan Hills Volleyball Club, Coach Tim Layton. Parker and James are teammates.
 Gwen's 4th bday
 Free bday ice cream at Ruby's

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